We provide the best events & entertainment across Sydney, Newcastle & The Central Coast.

Planning and Project Management

We work with you to plan your event down to the very last detail. Our event plans ensure that every detail is addressed and documented. Detailed planning and project management lead to seamless events.

Budget and Finance Management

We know you have a budget and we work with you to ensure that your budget is accurate and maintained. We manage the finances of every event to ensure the outcomes match your expectations.

Supplier & Entertainment Management

We have the best little black book around. We can access the best venues, suppliers, artists, performers, MCs, and providers to ensure the event is exactly what you want. No one can source supplies and entertainment like we do.

Logistics & Safety

Not exciting, but of extreme importance, we manage the logistics and safety of the events to ensure everything runs smoothly and hassle-free. Our planning and management of logistics and safety are second to none.

Onsite Management

We manage the event so you can enjoy it yourself. Our team will manage every aspect of the event to address issues as or before they arise. Whether registration, sound, lighting, or running the mic, our team will do it all.

Sponsorship Management

We can manage the sponsorship aspect of your event. From identifying the right sponsors, sponsorship agreements and negotiations, branding, and marketing, to post-event follow-ups. Your sponsors will be lining up for your next event.




Got a future event coming up, or even just the idea for one? See how we can help turn your event into an unforgettable experience.